August 2020


“Hey! I’m Chelsea and I’m (a):

- pup lover

- mental illness fighter

- photographer

- weirdo

- cutie pie

- compassionate

- empathetic

- lovey dovey

- domestic goddess (i like to cook/bake lol not clean ;)

- jokester”

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Tell us about how you got into photography, what made you want to be a photographer? 

In high school i got dumped from the music program. I cried in the bathroom and thought to myself, "I guess I'll take photography?" It was fate. 3 years of classes in high school (since I was 15) then 5 years of college (Delaware College of Art and design/School of the Visual Arts in NYC). My whole family is creative so I just followed suit. Once I started at 15 I just couldn't stop. It's hard to describe but it was meant to be.


What is your favorite thing about being a photographer? 

I love making people happy, making them feel good about themselves, and helping to bring out their personalities. I also love being artistic and weird. Letting them be themselves and helping them feel comfortable feels amazing. I also like meeting new people!


How do you feel your perspective impacts those you photograph, as well as the people you share your photos with? 

I care about people and I think everyone looks amazing the way they are. I personally don't really retouch or do drastic photo-shopping on purpose. I like to think I'm classic and artistic and natural. I like to bring out true genuine personality in my photos and I think people will always respond to genuine emotions. I'm accepting of everyone as well and I think that comes across in my photos. Art is about feeling and emotion. I want and tend to think that my photos make people "feel." In the words of Riley on the show Boondocks: "Real recognize real." people respond to truth. 


Did you go to college? If so, what was your major? How does that play into what you do now? 

-Yep! I have a bachelor's in fine arts from School of the Visual Arts in NYC majoring in photography. I did a bit of grad school as well majoring in Social Work. I wanted to combine the two and do art therapy but I had some hiccups along the way...I may get there or I may change paths. Who knows. But yes everything I do now was shaped in school. The technique, learning, art background etc.  


If you could do anything and knew you would not fail, what would you do? 

Become an art therapist with a side photography business only taking projects that are art focused :p


What are some of your huge goals for your business? In general? 

I think most people want it to be their main gig. I'd love that but I also love what I do for a day job. I'd like my photography to be 75% of my income. I'd like to have a workspace solely for working on photos. To teach the occasional photo class is a dream! Especially at DCAD where I got my associates! One on one classes. Teaching kids art, specifically those with disabilities. I have a heart for helping others.


Who are your top 5 favorite Boss Babes/motivators? (provide their handles so I can tag them, if any! :D)

Olivia my nail artist @livfornails

Desiree event planner @leaveittomayevents

Laura fashion designer @fashionmemeshop 

Courtney photographer

Kim my bff and wedding assistant @oxalchemy 


When you're in a rut, or having trouble figuring out what to create, what are your go-to methods to get inspired? 

- nature

- cooking

- fashion

- music 

- talking to other creatives


What advice do you have for fellow babes looking for their own perspective and photography style? 

Try everything! I went through all the styles til i found my own. It just made sense in the end. Do what feels right and always do you. Trends end but you are forever. 

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