February 2019


She is a flower child hippie with a rock star edge. She believes in the power of the universe and creating your own magic. :) She is a coffee enthusiast! Tina enjoys long cuddles on her couch with her animal children. She is a believer in the healing power of nature. If being a hype girl was a profession Tina would be a celebrity! She enjoys spending time with herself but seems to bask in making memories with others. Tina has a million ideas at any given time and she loves it!

Tina owns Third Eye Artistry which provides all kinds of awesome services.

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Tina does all kinds of rad stuff, so I asked her all about it! 

What does Third Eye Artistry offer?

  • Reiki Healing
  • Photography  
  • On site Hair & Makeup


How did you learn to do what you do? 

For Reiki I was trained under a Reiki Master. I started seeing her for healing sessions and life coaching which in turn led me to this crazy spiritual awakening process. I knew then I needed to help people that were feeling the way I was! So over the course of 2 years I put in the work, did the courses, got the attunement and now I am a Reiki Master!

A lot of what I learned for photography was through my Friends and internet! I actually took photography in high school. I have always had a passion for it and it wasn't until last year that I bought a camera, started playing around again and all the feedback was reassurance, that this has a place in my life

For Hair and Makeup, kind of came back to me just like photography. I dabbled in high school then went to hair school in North Carolina. Something didn't fit and I ended up leaving school early. A few years after I moved back my best friend launched her business for onsite Hair & Makeup , shout out to Pretty Weird Beauty!, and invited me to join her in this endeavor. She helped me build my craft and has cheered me on no matter what this entire time!


Did you always want to do that? Was there ever a time you thought you’d be doing something else?

Ohhhhh friend. I had no freaking idea what I wanted to do. I have ventured into a lot of different things to see what I was passionate about. I was all over the place but in the best way possible. It didn't feel like it then but looking back now I can think, "Wow, I've tried a lot of things". I thought i'd be working in a salon for a long time and then I realized the salon isn't my vibe at all. I need to be freeeeeeeee. Deep down I knew I would be a healer, even when I was a child I knew. Photography came back to me and so did hair in its own way.


What are some of your big goals for the future? 

Some I can't reveal yet :) , but definitely to grow my brand! 

I just rebranded and I am ready to get Third Eye Artistry out there! I want to introduce more people to the power of Reiki Healing and build my skill in photography. I’m hoping to have a home base in Hawaii within a certain time frame.  Obviously more income, because adulting and bills and travel and coffee


If you could tell your pre-entrepreneur self anything, what would it be? 

STOP DOUBTING YOURSELF! You are so incredibly worthy of bigger things.


What are some of your favorite motivational quotes/tips?

"It will never feel like the right time, do it now."

“Failure is success in progress.”  <--- this

"The universe has shaken you to awaken you."

“Don’t get angry, get money. Choose yourself, focus on improving your life and get committed to your goals. You are in control here.”


How do you get and stay motivated? 

  1. Remember where I started
  2. Watching Victor Oddo on YouTube
  3. Tony Robbins 
  4. Visualize my goals and the feeling of achieving them
  5. I think how there are people living and doing the things I consider goals, its been done before and it can be done again with me.
  6. Meditation! It’s important to stay balanced or nothing will get done. You must have a daily practice to reap the benefits. 
  7. I am part of an online academy for goal setting and spiritual awakening. 


Who are your best supporters? How important is having a support network to your success?

My husband! He tries to keep me grounded but also knows I'm a free spirit and tend to jump around a bit. He's always there and always believing in my power to do great things <3 My parents of course. Always reminding me how proud they are!

My best friends play a huge roll. Vivian is all the way in Texas and still calls at the perfect time to cheer me on. Cait brings all the hype whether its its Pretty Weird related or not! Samantha keeps me so inspired, roots for me, and teaches me so much. Kelley lets me tell her all my weirdo things and we totally vibe then build each other up. I HAVE INCREDIBLE FRIENDS & FAMILY.

SUPPORT MEANS SO MUCH to me. I know some people like to think they can do it all on their own but the truth is, just bouncing ideas around with an outsiders perspective is huge for your brand and business. You need an opinion other than your own because at the end of the day you're serving others.  Some days are really hard and having that support system there to remind you how far you've come is such an uplifting and motivating moment.

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