February 2020


“Hi! My name is Heather, and I like to consider myself a jack-of-all-trades; for us 90's babies I'm the female Bob the Builder. I do a little bit of everything, honestly. When I graduated college I started my business HMV Designs and I offer multiple services from design all the way to marketing- it's the joy of my life! I love all things design and marketing. A few years later, after meeting tons of amazing people, I decided to start Delaware Female Creatives: a group for women in the Delaware valley to meet, network, and collaborate in a safe space. I'm big on sharing and helping people, so I guess you could say it was inevitable that I would start this community. When I'm not working, I run a food blog with my husband and let’s just say- wow, it's a lot of fun! We travel all over the world and get to try new foods and experience amazing cultures and I couldn't be more blessed.


What do you do full time? What is your passion? 

I'm a lead designer for international Sports company, my passion is design.


Did you go to college? Why or why not? Would you recommend college for other boss babes like you/that want to do what you do? 

Yes, I attended Johnson and Whales in Providence RI ( Go Wildcats!) I highly recommend college. We live in a day in age where the more experience you have, the more valuable you are to a company, so never stop learning. 


What is your degree in? Would you recommend any alternative forms of education? 

I have a Bachelors in graphic and media design. I doubled majored- it was more cost effective. My concentration was in print. I'm big advocate for people to go to college; no one cares where, but it's more of a checklist item. Also, key tip for success when it comes to knowledge is that when you graduate your skill sets are only relevant for 5 years. After that it’s your job to educate yourself to stay relevant for employers and clients. So, personally I attend seminars take classes. As cliche as it sounds, knowledge is power.


Why did you apply to be a Bold Co Girl? How has being on the team benefited you so far? 

I love sharing the things I have learned in life and I believe knowledge should be distributed. The team has benefited me in many ways, but my favorite is it's fun to converse with like-minded people who are hungry for success and want to learn from each other.  


If you could do anything and not fail, what would you do and why? 

I would love to someday turn my business into an agency and employee people from the community. 


What are some ways you get and stay motivated? 

I workout 5 days a week and try to eat as healthy as I can. I believe in a healthy mind and body will keep me sharp which, in turn, keeps me motivated for my next business endeavors. 


Who are your biggest inspirations?

My parents, honestly. For example, my mom started a business and consulted for multiple practices for years, and she was always hungry for more and bigger clients and always achieved this. As for my father, he is a true artist in my eyes. He knows how to treat people no matter what walks of life they come from, and when he works with other people he shows that same compassion. It keeps me humble and hungry at the same time and that's why they inspire me.


If you could tell your younger self anything, what would it be? 

Don't care what people say everyone has an opinion about how you should run your business or what you should be doing, but don't listen. You yourself knows what's best.


What are some of your huge goals for the future? 

I would like to continue to double my clientele for my business and have a successful launch of my second business coming this summer!



Connect with Heather at:

Instagram: @hmv_designs

Facebook: HMV Designs

Web: HMVDesigns.com

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