July 2019



“I would describe myself as very low key, cool & calm. I like to keep a positive mindset so I don’t attract a lot of negativity. I very much believe in vibes and energy. A lot of people say I’m very hard to read so I kind of enjoy that about myself. Full of surprises!”

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What is your passion? Tell us a little bit about why.

My passion is teaching my daughter things that I know she definitely isn’t learning in preschool. For instance, we watch things about the ocean and I teach her about ocean life and things going on in the world. I love giving her information that makes her say “wow mom! That’s so cool!” I just love teaching her new things and watching her face light up when she’s really interested.


How did you get into Real Estate? What inspires you and keeps you motivated in that world?

It’s something that I think just happened based on the people I was surrounding myself with. My husband is an investor and now owns his own franchise and before I actually got licensed I was an assistant for a real estate agent. She kind of taught me everything I know. I got really interested and loved that every single transaction was different. You meet a ton of different people and a lot of people have their own stories about why they are selling or buying a house. It really is a beautiful thing to help people so this keeps me motivated and inspires me to keep going. To help as many people as I possibly can.


What are your future plans (if any) with makeup? Describe your journey a little with how you started getting into the beauty community and what impact it's had on your life.

It’s funny because I definitely don’t see myself “in the beauty community”. I really don’t want to be. I just want to be in my own lane, doing my own thing. I’m just someone who loves makeup and loves helping inspire women. I’ve always loved makeup but I think after having my daughter I fell off on how I felt, how I looked. I just didn’t feel like myself. Just playing with makeup and having fun with different products again really made me feel good and helped me forget, even if for a second, that my hormones were driving me insane and there’s throw up on my shirt. Haha. It’s so fun for me and It’s the one thing I do that makes me feel I’m doing for me, nobody else. So when women message me and tell me “thank you for recommending these products I love them!” Or “thank you for helping me to realize I need to take some time for me, just getting myself together made me feel so much better today”, things like that just make me feel so happy. We all deserve to have/do things for us that make us feel good. We NEED that.


What are some of your favorite motivational quotes? What significance does each have to you/why are they your favorite?

It’s very simple, but so meaningful.

“I didn’t come this far to only come this far”.

I think this one really hits home for me because I’m that type of person that’s always looking to grow and evolve in every situation. I hate feeling like I’m staying stagnant. I’m always looking for the next best thing. I think there’s just way too much life in me to go far and then just say ok I’ve done enough and stop. I will keep going and going until I can’t anymore. I won’t ever settle for good. I always want better.


How do you balance work life with mom life? Give us a glimpse into how much of a hustle that is. (I swear, moms are literal super heroes)

It’s hard at first going back to work especially after staying home for a while, but I’m a firm believer in if you really want something you will make it happen. I want to be the best mom I can be and I want to also be the best me I can be. Having a career and still doing things I love isn’t impossible. You don’t need to abandon yourself or your wants to be a great mom. If anything I think it’s made me a greater mom. It’s definitely a hustle, I work my ass off just so my family and myself can have things I’ve never had, but I’m so happy and fulfilled. I always just think my daughter needs to see the best version of me possible so that she can know in the future she, too, can do it all!


If you could be or do ANYTHING and knew you couldn't fail, what would you do/be, and why?

I’ve always dreamt to be a top surgeon at a hospital. I’ve watched a lot of Greys Anatomy. I think it’s so amazing to be able to physically save a life. If I could’ve gone through med school and not failed at all I definitely would have. For sure


What are your top 3 BIG life goals? What is your best advice to a fellow boss babe trying to reach her giant goals?

My top 3 big life goals are to be featured on the Forbes 30 under 30. I don’t know why but I just think that would be so dope! I only have 2 more years so who knows!

I also want to start a cosmetics line and have it be successful.

Lastly, to buy my mother a house and move her closer to me.

Those are my 3 BIG goals right now. I’m definitely reaching for all of them, too!


What are some of your favorite tools for success? This can be anything from a really good planner to a cup of coffee!

My favorite tools for success would have to be definitely a positive attitude and very good organization skills! So yes, a planner is definitely my #1 ride or die for someone who lives a busy life like mine. Those things keep me going every single day.


If you could tell your younger self something you wish you'd learned sooner, what would it be and why?

Wow, there’s so many things I wish I could tell my younger self. I think the most important thing I would tell my younger self is to follow my gut, and don’t let people steer you in a different direction. I let so many people change my mind or thinking way too many times when I should’ve always just trusted my heart and my own gut. So definitely, just trust in yourself, everything else is just noise.

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