July 2020


First and foremost, I am a child of God! This is critical because for years I attached my identity to roles and responsibilities that prevented me from being my fearless authentic self. Others defined who I was. How I provided and served other defined who I was. My pain, struggles, trauma, mistakes.. all defined who I was! Now, I am a woman on a mission for fire in her belly to share God’s glory by sharing my story and speaking my truth. As a coach, I show up for women to help them break the chains of anxiety and flourish. My soul is nourished by walking obediently and carry out the plan He has for my life. Fearless, bold, confident, courageous: these are the words that describe me!

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What is your passion? What do you do full time? 

My passion is all things women! Being a survivor, an overcomer, living in recovery from addiction, depression, anxiety and a failed suicide attempt has led me to place of clarity for what my purpose in life is according to God. He has called me to teach and impact lives and the passion, the fire in my soul, is so all consuming because each time I reach that one woman who is ready to RiseUp, I can feel God’s hand. I’m driven to work with women of all ages and to set a great example for my own daughters. She’ll Rise is my full time work and passion. It’s the vessel that God is using to help me reach His daughters.


If they're one and the same, tell us about your journey to get there. If they're not one and the same, tell us about how you balance the two. 

For years, and I mean as far back as I can remember, I was so focused on never letting anyone down. I grew up modeling, dancing and competing and even though I absolutely loved every bit of it, I can see how it shaped my distorted view of my self image. Body dysmorphias developed! I starved myself to stay thin. I punished my body to perform better. In addition, I had experience sexual trauma which led to ptsd and sent further into darkness where depression nd anxiety grabbed on tight. I self medicated to numb the pain. I hid behind a smile. It was too much for one to person to carry. After years of being a corporate coach for massive organizations, I could see the real need for something specific and unique for women. That’s why Rise was born! God put it on my heart. I had no idea that years later, after my rock bottom and failed suicide, that God would use me and Rise to create what He has today!


 Tell us about She’ll Rise and what it's all about. 

She’ll Rise is a community of authentic, trustworthy and honest women who are choosing to show up, dig in, do the hard work and have the hard conversations to RiseUp STRONG. I have created a safe place to land where women are met with compassionate action and can finally exhale, expose, reveal and allow the healing to begin. With my education, training, certification and real life experience and wisdom, I have created the RiseUp process and women believe in the process, trust me and they are seeing beautiful results and their lives transformed. These are women who have been searching, suffering in silence and reach the end of themselves and have the desire to see change and become who they are called to be and live a life of intention and purpose with intention and purpose.  Often, women have said that is they did find Rise they do not no where they would be or even if they would be here.


What made you want to start She’ll Rise

The real motivation behind my WHY is the women who think they are alone. I want them to know I see them, I hear them and I know them. That they are NOT alone! I also what women to see how great our God is! Not doing Rise would block is glory and I am refuse to stand in His way after He loved me back to life.


What are some of your favorite motivational quotes? 

"Though I fall, I will Rise again.” -Micah 7:8

“A winner is a dreamer who never gives up” -Mandella

“Every single day, do something that makes your heart sing.” -Marcia Wieder

“Stay true to yourself. People respond to authenticity.” -Streisand

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.” -Lao Tzu

“Believe you can and you are halfway there.” -T. Roosevelt


Where do you draw your strength and inspiration from? How does that affect your life both personally and professionally? 

My strength and inspiration comes from God and my journey to get to where I am today. When I look into the eyes of my daughters, it empowers me to keep going. The women I coach, wow! Their stories of triumph healing, overcoming… RisingUp keep me going. I want to be consistent and authentic in my both my personal and profession lives because that who God needs me to be impact my people and His people!


If you could tell your pre-entrepreneur self anything, what would it be? 

Girl! You can do hard things. Give yourself some grace and do the best you can. Stay true to who you are and who’s you are no matter what. You may be for everybody, you may fail, your life may even resemble a dumpster fire some days, but keep showing up. Show up messy! You will look back and see the fabric of your life as a culmination of highs and lows, joys and grief, celebrations and pitty parties, but its all part of your very own story. That story is uniquely yours and it is beautiful!


What inspiration can you give other female entrepreneurs looking for a place to begin? 

It sounds cliché, but “Just do it!” If you keep waiting on this or that, your life will pass you by. Take advantage of the this moment, do it scared and shine bright. The world needs what you have to offer and you are never too old to begin again!


Who are your top 5 favorite Boss Babes?

You, for sure!

Alexa Gruber @alexagruberfit

Caris Snider @carissnider

Jenn Marshall @jenn.thisismybrave

Jessica Honegger @jessicahonegar

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