May 2020


“Hey! I'm Denali but you can call me by my "official" title... The Great One - just kidding. kinda! I am an energetic & overly enthusiastic graphic designer just living life. A life that runs on caffeine and chaos. that is for sure. When I am not squeezing in time to do my job, you can find me chasing after my busy toddler, and telling my dogs their farts stink. I mean really, bulldogs are the WORST!”

Instagram: @denalidesignstudios

Facebook: Denali Design Studios



Tell us about Denali Design Studios- what design services do you offer?

Well, Denali Design Studios specializes in developing purposeful brand designs for creative small businesses and entrepreneurs. We offer Brand Development & Auditing, Web Design, A La Carte Services (PDF guides, social media graphics, print collateral, Etc.), and Monthly Retainers options for personal as-needed service. 


Who is your ideal client?  

My ideal clients are the ones that are so passionate about how they are servicing others that they could talk for hours, without stopping, or remembering to breathe. Ha! Those are my people. This will sound so typical, but I love each one for different reasons, but mainly because of the unique businesses I get to experience from the owner's perspective. They each touch me in a different way and teach me something valuable. 


Where did you learn to do what you do? Would you recommend that form of education, or alternatives?

I have a heavy background in psychology, life sciences & art! my job connects psychology with art to draw people in. Be creative and then think about how it will appeal to others & will it make them feel. However, a majority of the computer program work is self taught, I have learned lots of what I know in the computer application portion from trial and error. My biggest recommendation to anyone is to just open up illustrator and keep at it. learn the short cut. Ask people questions, and practice. Also, taking basic art classes are very helpful to start fostering that side of your mind. Start playing with colors and textures and artistic mediums. 

Also, remember that being creative isn't something you are only born with. You can learn to be artistic. Don't stop yourself just because "I'm not creative and I can't draw". Well, I call bull. Everyone is an artist.


What made you want to design?

I’ve ALWAYS been into design, and I kinda was suggested by a friend to try doing brand design, and it was something I feel in love with and I had a natural affinity for. It is a great feeling when you find something that comes natural to you, and that you LOVE!

What is your favorite part of what you do?

Seeing it in Print! I love when someone creates something using their branding elements and they are so proud of it. I feel that too. Whether it be a T-shirt Design, Beauty product labels, Store Fronts, Seeing people use their branding in tangible ways, and be confident in it. That's SO SATISFYING!


Why did you apply to be a Bold Co. Girl? How has being on the team benefited you?

I applied because I believe in the Bold Co Girl Mission and love that they focus on creating products to help the hustle. I have met and connected with women in a way that makes them feel like a little family. 


If you could do anything and knew you would not fail, what would you do?

I'd start a one of the many businesses that I have designed up in my head. I sit in the silent car working through random businesses like coffee companies, women's apparel, etc. I'd start one of them and open a brick and mortar store on a board walk or a place with a lot of seasonal foot traffic. 


Who are your top 5 favorite boss babes?

Lydia Joy, Larissa Kuhnly, Jeffree Star (does he count?), Morgan Brewer, and Brittani Hon


What are your top ways to stay motivated, especially working from home?

I get dressed every day for work even when I'm working at home all day, and I take my kid to school, then I sit at Starbucks and work. The background noise of the people helps me focus. 

Also, setting strict business and electronics hours helps me stay motivated and prevents burn out. 

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