October 2020


"I'm Sammy; I am based out of Belmar, NJ; creating handmade items, and pushing for a happy life. I started working when I was 11 years old and haven’t stopped since. Work is addicting to me- it has does nothing but help me better myself, my life, and completing my goals. Besides work- I enjoy working out, spending time with my boyfriend, friends & family, and finding new food spots to experiment and dine in at. (Food is the way to my heart)"
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Tell us about Shop Sammy, how it came to be, and what your mission is with this business.

I started Shop Sammy as hobby. I bought my (cricut) machine with extra money from my income tax, expecting to get bored with it, and use it from time to time. Well, that clearly didn’t happen. I’m OBSESSED with my machines, material, and office. Also, having my boyfriend with tons of ideas and tools-he has taught me so much. I actually feel confident with a saw, and tools. I’m even starting to buy my own slowly. (Who am I?!) The things I create bring such happiness to events, family & friends. If you know me, making other people happy before myself, is very typical for me. 

I never considered myself a “ people” person but I guess I proved myself wrong.

My mission here is to create things that make people feel appreciated; to make things personable, fun, and creative; to make life more about YOU rather than a gift made for everyone; to make other businesses grow by printing logos on merchandise, signs, gift items etc. My goal is to not only build myself up daily, but build others too while I’m at at.


Where do you get your ideas for projects? What is your favorite thing to do to get inspiration?

Oh man, this question is funny to me. My brain doesn’t stop. It’s constantly thinking about how we can personalize, or make something better. Pinterest, of course, is my go to. ( WHO DOESN’T PIN? don’t @ me ) But we really get our ideas from brainstorming. We brainstorm some crazy ideas, and then when it comes to reality of making the item, we tone it down, and make it possible. We also get inspired by other bloggers, such as @Kaylamade. (FABULOUS at exampling step by step.) 

A new way of gathering ideas, is I am starting to build a team. Working with others gives me the opportunity to get multiple ideas and put them together as one. BIG WIN in my books. 


Who are your top 5 fave boss babe roll models?







What has your journey with entrepreneurial endeavors been like so far? Tell us about the journey from event planner to creator extraordinaire! 

I have put in countless hours to make this shop exactly the way I wanted it. Working 9-5 at the bank, and crafting 6-12 AM. Yeah eventually, it took a toll on me. BIG TIME. It was time for a decision. As much as I was thankful for a steady, promising, job- I couldn’t picture picking a 9-5 environment, that didn’t let me express my creativity and artsy side of me. BUT the security of a paycheck, a promised job and income, benefits, a steady 401k. All of that matters. It is extremely terrifying walking away from to do it on my own. It took a million mini conversations in my head to convince myself TO JUST GO FOR IT. Timing is important. If you don’t allow yourself time to think and create in this type of business, you’ll never see what you are fully capable of. 


How have you gotten creative and succeeded when you could have given up? What is your best advice for your fellow entrepreneurs who have those moments where they feel like quitting?

I have tons of moments where I break down, my bank account goes low, my orders are overwhelming, or not enough, etc. There are so many times I want to give up, and go back to the 9-5 and “clocked out” life. Running this business, I never really clock out. I am always doing something for Shop Sammy. I have accepted it. Once I did, my mindset changed. Be grateful to be your own boss. It’s tough but in the end, how friggin' cool is it that you get to do what’s best for you ALL DAY? You get to do what you feel needs to get done, what time, what day. You are in control. You are your own time. This can be a scary thing, but its more of a blessing than you think. 


What are some of your huge goals? (For life, for business, for anything!) 

Some huge goals is to be successful and still badass at normal life. Find a balance to be able to run a full time business & have a family (one day!) 

We have so many goals planned out in this journey and we are so excited to share them with you!


What is your support system like? 

My support system is huge. Between my family, friends, and customers. I wouldn’t be this far without them. 


If you could tell your pre-entrepreneur self anything, what would it be? 

If I could have told myself one thing before I started this, it would have been to not get upset when you cannot please everyone. Not everyone will be your biggest fan. When you come across this situation; look in the mirror and remind yourself who’s the boss here and who really gives a damn. Smile, and walk away.

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