September 2019


“Hey, hi, hello! I’m Lisa Giles. I’m the owner Sj’s Beauty Bar and am gearing to launch business number 2 in January! I’ve been a stylist since I was 16, and am now 23! Needless to say, I kindaaaa like my job ;-) Besides running and owning a salon, I somehow find time to hang out with my puppichino named Zeus who’s the light of my life. He’s a black lab/ Great Dane mix and sweet as pie :-) I’m obsessed with cooking, and Rachel can tell you a thing or two about my cooking ;-) I’m also from France! But unfortunately don’t have the cool accent to go with it anymore.”


Instagram: @sjsbeautyybar Facebook: SJ’s Beauty Bar

How did you come to own your own salon? Tell us about your thoughts during the journey.

Honestly, it was dream of mine, but I wasn’t sure if I was going to make it there. I’d been dealt a pretty crappy hand for a while, constantly being screwed over by other people. And the position just kind of fell in my lap. I was ready to give up when I found a spot to booth rent after being screwed over, and she ended up giving me an entire space to call mine which is now Sj’s Beauty Bar! It hasn’t been easy, not at all. I work/worked 60-70 hours a week in the beginning because I just wanted to make it, and I never wanted it so badly. And it all paid off. I still work crazy hours, but I have a super solid clientele, I recently signed a contract with a professional hair brand to be a stylist for them, and I’m truly living my dreams. Life is all about pushing barriers and breaking rules. My word of advice; just do it. Do what sets your soul on fire.

Did you ever think you would be an entrepreneur? Why/Why not? When did you first realize that you had become one?

Yes and no! So at first I didn’t even realize I was an entrepreneur (LOL) I thought I was just being a stylist. But realizing how much work I was putting in, I was doing everything myself, selling retail, selling my services, it just clicked. It more or less went like this “Oh sh*t, I’m truly an entrepreneur huh??” After that, I had purchased over $1000 in retail to sell at the salon. I knew I always had it in me, but not to this extent. I impress myself sometimes!

How many times did you fail (business-wise)? Did you ever think about quitting and pursuing a "normal" job? How did that change and grow you as a person?

So much. I over extended myself. That’s still a fail. I burnt myself out a few times with working too much, not prioritizing my time properly. I’d forget orders, I still do. I’ve ruined relationships because I didn’t prioritize. I wanted to quit probably 2 times. It’s not that I wanted a “normal” job, I just didn’t want to be in DE anymore doing it. It made me realize I’m a lot stronger then I think I am. I’ve learned a lot of my weaknesses. I’m very grateful for those 2 negative/bad times in my life because I came out on top, better then ever, and so motivated from the past experience I had.

What motivated you to keep getting back up (so-to-speak)? What are your top 3 favorite motivational quotes?

I’ve always wanted to be someone. I just wanted to feel important. (That’s deep) but it’s true. I just wanted to make people feel good about themselves, to love themselves. Because I’ve struggled with that growing up. But being in this industry and being an entrepreneur has taught me to love me for who I am, and to never change. And I want my clients to have that same confidence. I always tell my clients these 3 things;•Do what sets your soul on fire, because you are the only person who can do it.•You are your own destiny; no one chooses a path of life for you. So make it worth while. •happiness is a choice. Period.Here’s a bonus, say yes to everything but don’t be a yes man.

What are your favorite ways to plan for the future of your business?

I love writing things out, physically writing it out. I like visualizing.I love talking with my peers, other entrepreneurs. We feed off each other and I love doing that. I looooove talking with my VA (my virtual assistant). If you don’t have an assistant, I recommend getting one. It’s really awesome to have a constant “business friend” to throw ideas at when your peers aren’t around. I travel a lot, and I do a lot of solo trips. I love soul searching on these trips, which clears my head and brings new ideas for me to better myself and my business. That’s about it!

What would you recommend to the girls who are where you once were/just starting out on the journey as a female entrepreneur?

Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. If you want to do something, DO IT. Being an entrepreneur isn’t easy, but so rewarding. What’s not to love about working for yourself and making your own hours and setting your own goals? What’s not to love about being 100% in charge of your life?

What are some of your wildest goals and dreams? (In both personal life and business future!)

I want to be a platform artist for the brand that I have a contract with. I want to travel the world and do hair for this company, and also move to California. I also really want to take my health seriously and go more organic. I just want to be the best version of my self and I feel like that’s it. And I’m already on the path to do so :) Those dreams will become reality.

Who are some of your favorite role models? Why/How do they inspire you?

This woman girl Lo. She’s our artistic ambassador with the company that I’m with and she’s who I want to be. She owns a salon in CA, and is just truly amazing at hair. She travels a tone and teaches stylists about the brand through color techniques. I’m just obsessed with her. She’s young and truly making it. She’s everything I want to be and more.

When you have a super rad idea- what are your go-to methods for making it a reality?

Talking to everyone I can about it; clients, family, my peers, everyone. I try to connect with as many people as I can about it and see who can help me make it a reality. I’m all about connecting with others to create. Then I find a way to execute and go from there. I love connecting with others because it helps me see things I might be able to see, and maybe give me better ideas on how to do something. I love bouncing ideas off of others.

Top 10 favorite songs to listen to when you need a pick-me-up/motivational boost?

I don’t have “motivational” songs, just happy songs.

Best Day Ever - Mac Miller

Ice Cream Sundae - Inhaler

Gravity - John Mayer

Creep - Radio Head

Be Ok - Party Favor & Ezi

SuperDuperHero - KYLE

Summertime Gladness - Dance Gavin Dance

Thats the best I got!

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