Bold Girls' Refuge

Apply to be a Leading Lady!

The Bold Girls' Refuge is a Facebook Group dedicated to being a safe place for female entrepreneurs to ask for advice, questions about business, share tips n' tricks, and find other like-minded gals to collaborate with! 


A Leading Lady is a moderator who will be there to answer questions, make sure posts meet the group's guidelines, and offer encouragement! 

These gals will need to follow these guidelines/requirements: 

  • In order to be a moderator (leading lady) and a member, you need to be a female entrepreneur! Unfortunately, we are not accepting MLMs at this time. 


  • Be willing to commit to interacting with the gals in the group. That means if someone asks a question, doing your best to answer it. If someone posts something, doing your best to make sure it gets approved or rejected based on the group's guidelines. These things don't have to happen right away, and your fellow moderators and I will make sure this is a team effort! This guideline is so that it's clear that moderators need to participate in the group as leaders for the members to look up to! 


  • Be kind and helpful. Every female entrepreneur in the group is likely to be in a different stage in their business. No question is silly, and each question or request for advice needs to be met with kindness and understanding, and the intent to help the member asking succeed! 


  • Bring a positive attitude. Being a babe in business is hard. This group's goal is to help make the members feel welcome and uplifted. Moderators will need to approach all interaction with members with the intent to uplift and encourage. 


If this sounds like you, fill out the form below to apply to become a moderator of the Bold Girls' Refuge Facebook Group! Please make sure to put your business' social media handle and/or website in the message field so I can connect with you!